Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ciao Italia @ Perth, Australia

This post is longg overdue but just thought that I had to share with you guys this awesome pizza place in Perth, Australia. If you have followed my earlier posts, Panda and I spent the first few days of our holidays at Western Australia by exploring Margaret River, south of Perth before headed back to Perth for a few days. So, Ciao Italia is an Italian restaurant located at South Perth. If you are planning to walk ( which we did !), you will need to catch a ferry at Barracks Street Jetty at downtown to cross Swan River to reach South Perth. It was a smooth ride and we enjoyed the sceneries very much:)
Barrack Street Jetty,  Riverside Drive : Ferry to South Perth 

South Perth : View of Perth CBD and Swan River
Once reaching the opposite side, walk along the park, but just to let you know that Ciao Italia is located about 3km away (burn some calories before chowing down a pizza !). Take this moment to enjoy the sceneries,  people and the houses along the river…a really awesome feeling :))
Nice park along Swan River (South Perth)
This restaurant has good reviews; hence the crowd gets pretty huge so make sure you get there early. Tips : To 'cut' queue, one can just order a take-away rather than lining up like crazy to get into the restaurant. When I was there, I took a peek around and the place is really not-that-big and noisy…yes…not your romantic Italian dining! So, we ordered garlic bread, a pizza and tiramisu as a take-away. 
This what was awaited us when we finally reached @__@
Cut the queue and just order a take-away !
Once we received our take-away, we headed back to the park. It was already getting dark but that made it even more romantic ! We sat at a bench along the park, eating our dinner peacefully and enjoying the night view of Perth CBD. Just blogging this made me think of the wonderful time we had !
Garlic bread ($5.50) : Super delicious ! 
Siciliana ($27.50) : Tomatoes, mozarella and ricotta cheese, italian sausage, bacon, olives and mushrooms
Ok, this doesnt do justice to the tiramisu but at this condition it was already fabulous ! Lols 
Garlic bread and pizza were superb. It was not too greasy and I felt that the ingredients used were fresh! It was too bad that we were too full to enjoy the tiramisu and ended up bringing it back to our hotel. Since we walked back to our hotel at downtown ( yeapp…that was almost a 6km walk @__@), it melted by the time we got back. It did taste good though with a tinge of liquor ( can't remember what was it though). Pizza doesn't come cheap ( especially if you think of it in Malaysian ringgit!) but then again, prices were more or less there when it comes to food here so, stop converting !! lols….This restaurant has lots more variety in their menu and reviews on them are really good as well. 

Address : 273 Mill Point Rd South Perth, WA 
Website : Ciao Italia

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  1. I love me a good pizza, but more than that, I love good pizza that can be kept overnight in cold storage in the fridge which tastes just as good on day 2!