Thursday, 19 March 2015

If you think the poisonous puffer fish can't be eaten, think again @ Geumsu Bokkuk, Gangnam, Seoul

When my high school buddy suggested a famous puffer fish stew for dinner, my first question was, 'Is it safe to eat?'. Yes, we are talking about that poisonous, ballooning fish. Bok kuk 복국 (puffer fish soup) is a hot, clear soup with plentiful bean sprouts and green onions and with chunks of fish meat. Seemed super healthy, I would say. My friend brought me to her regular shop at Gangnam called Geumsu Bokkuk, a nice-looking restaurant with ahjummas (aunts) as servers. 
Mostly locals, indefinitely
Loved the sides as they were slightly different from the usual ones
Puffer fish stew; clear broth, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and green onions 
….and chunks of puffer fish meat
My 'kawan dua abad' working in Seoul for past 12 years! 
Our spread. Puffer fish stew with healthy brown rice. 
While this may not be a major attraction in Korea, it is definitely something unique to try if you have the time to spare (or if you've already eaten everything else that a tourist usually eats). Honestly speaking, it tasted like normal fish cooked in clear broth. Really healthy, in fact, I felt that Korean meals are not greasy, lighter and with lots of vegetables. Loved the ambience, but price-wise was slightly on the higher side (but less than 20,000 won per person). Well-worth a try because you might probably not find it anywhere else in the world except for Korea and Japan!

Address: Geumsu Bokkuk, 338, Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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