Thursday, 4 September 2014

zChocolat-Chocolate with a touch of luxury

This came as a surprise birthday delivery from Panda! In case you are wondering, zChocolat is a premier online retailer of luxury chocolates by some great French chocolatiers (just google zChocolat). Honestly, although I'm a huge fan of chocolates and snacks (and practically everything else), I don't often indulge myself on luxury handmade chocolates. This package express delivered from their  headquarters in France, packed in a lovely silver box and insulated with a cooler pack inside as well to prevent it melting while it crosses half the globe to get here. And, the thing with these gourmet chocolates is that it has to be eaten at the right temperature without having to refrigerate or freeze them. 
It came in a soft drawstring pouch with a external slot for the personalized gift card and a little guide book to explain each and every chocolate you are eating (talking about being pampered @__@). Panda got me a cute but sleek bass wood box engraved with the birthday wish ( you can actually personalized your engraving as well!). Inside the box are 2 boxes of its most complete 15-piece assortment. Being like a 'sakai', I immediately gobbled down the first…and then the second…while flipping the guide book wondering what am I eating, only to realise there are numbers on that piece of chocolate itself to show which type it refers to (ok, the numberings were fancy so I thought they were just designs @__@)
Were they good ? I'm no chocolatier but I can definitely differentiate if its better than the commercial ones! These were absolutely delicious and totally wowed me. The fun part is, every piece has its own description and they were not like the common flavours as well. Thank you Panda! Muaksssssssss

PS: If you want to surprise your sweet-tooth gf, splurge once in a while and get this ultimate indulgence and I'm sure they will love it like keraazeeee….:)

Website : zChocolat