Saturday, 12 April 2014

Chinese food @ Summer Palace, Saskatoon

I am quite impressed by the number of Chinese restaurants in a small town like Saskatoon. Of course, some are good and some are just..mehh….Summer Palace is one of the better ones which I only found out recently from my Chinese friend. Apparently, her friends seem to like this place alot (which means….the food is probably good right?) Anyways, since then I've visited here twice; so I'm combining both visits in this blog!
During my first visit with Bambi ( my Chinese friend), we headed here after our day trip to Moose Jaw. Good thing was this restaurant closes late (9.30pm) since most restaurants (apart from bars) closes early in Saskatoon @__@. She recommended some of the good dishes she had before ; Kung Pao Chicken with peanuts which is spicy stir-fry chicken with peanuts and dried chilli with green onion as garnishing. The thick sauce used to cook this dish basically consist of soy, sesame and dried chilli. This dish was pretty tasty; it has the 'wok-hei' where most westernized Chinese restaurants lack. Taste awesomely good with rice. In Malaysia, the Chinese restaurants cook this dish with cashew nuts rather than peanuts and with lots of dried chilli.
Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts ($9.95)

Tired face after our long fun day at Moose Jaw's spa

Another dish we had was the Szechuan boiled fish with pickled Chinese cabbage. I've never had this dish before and the closest version I used to have in Malaysia is steamed fish with pickled vegetables. This sour-salty dish however has a tinge of spiciness (due to the dried chillies) which really add a kick to the dish. Fish was fresh and soup / gravy (not sure is which ;P) was pipping hot. It tasted so good with rice. This dish however was a bit too salty ( maybe that is the way they cook it , I'm not sure), and I am pretty sure they have MSG inside because I was so thirsty the whole night. This dish has to go with rice and not to be eaten by itself.
Szechuan boiled fish with pickled Chinese cabbage ($14.95)
During my recent visit again, we had the Szechuan stir-fried slice pork which I believe is the pork belly which came with generous layer of fats. But don't stop there..because the fat layers were the one that actually gave the juiciness and taste to this dish. I like how Szechuan dishes are; either sour or with a slight spiciness to it :). We also ordered the special deep-fried diced chicken with dried chilli. Again, I'm pretty impressed with the taste of the meat; yes, its deep fried but the small pieces of chicken were definitely well-marinated beforehand. The only downside was I thought this dish was a little bit of a cheat because it is covered with so much of dried chilli that I felt the amount of meat was actually not much. 
Szechuan stir-fried slice pork ($10.95)

Special deep fried diced chicken with dried chilli ($10.95)
Overall, I think Summer Palace is definitely worth going. I like how they cook it with the Chinese 'wok-hei' and that the dishes themselves are quite tasty. Apart from the saltiness of the dishes (which might be a normal standard for them), everything else is good. 

Address : 3A 3602 Taylor St E Saskatoon, SK 
Opening hours : Monday - Sunday (11.30am - 9.30pm) ; Closed on Tuesdays
*They have a separate menu for take-out as well
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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Thai food @ Corner Cafe, Perth CBD, Western Australia

During our trip to Perth, we stayed a couple of night at Perth CBD's Criterion Hotel which was one of the oldest hotel establishment in the city. Since we did not have a car and had to rely on public transportation, we chose to stay exactly at downtown. After a day trip to Fremantle, we were quite exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel. After resting for a bit, we headed out for a late night dinner. Nothing much in downtown as it was a weekday, so we decided to have Asian food at Corner Cafe which was just a few shops away from our hotel. What is nice is that they open till late and also offer outdoor seating. We sat outside as the weather was not too chilly and road was quite peaceful. 
Outdoor seating late night:)
We had Thai seafood tom yum, Pad Thai and Thai fried rice. We were hungry by then and was so sure we could finish everything ( just normal amount for two right ??). Food was served pretty quick since they were hardly any patrons by then. First up was the tom yum soup. It was quite a disappointment as the soup was not pipping hot and…it had bamboo shoots ( something I despise soo much because it over-dominates the taste of the food @__@). However, seafood was generous and fresh so no complains on that :)
Thai Curry
Our main meal was the Pad Thai and fried rice. I had the Pad Thai and it was pretty good with generous portion of seafood. Loved it so much but the portion was soo huge ( for Malaysian standard, yeah, its pretty huge) and since it was already late, my tummy just didn't want to accept more than half of the plate. Panda had the fried rice which smelled so good when it was served. The portion was huge as well and with generous amount of seafood. We had a bit of both and we thought they were pretty tasty; if only we had asked them to make it more spice. We ended up having to packed the unfinished meal and brought them back to our rooms. 
Pad Thai - Fried glass noodle
Thai seafood fried rice
Overall, food was acceptable; not the best Thai meal I have but considering the combination of late night, outdoor seating, Perth CBD and price, I thought it was pretty good. The place is really convenient for those who are staying at CBD especially at Criterion.

Address : 546 Hay St Perth, WA 6000

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