Saturday, 30 August 2014

freakZspeaks had a party @ Assinoboine Hall, Saskatoon, SK

Entering another decade..yeehaa ! Gathered with a couple of close friends and had some good finger-licking food. Sister in London, UK delivered a surprised birthday cake from Crave, Saskatoon. Awesome choice! Delivered with ice packs at the sides…totally a surprise! 'Good-looking, tall' (white horse prince kinda look) 6' cake; red velvet with cream cheese. People here lurveee super sweet stuff; too sweet for me but the combination tasted superb. Cream cheese was really good and fresh. Its more like a combination of icing and cream cheese which I felt was not too heavy. Easily can be ordered online. Probably they are more famous for their cupcakes but can easily turn your favourite cupcake into a cake, like the one I had!
Address : Crave Cupcakes, 802A Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, SK
Website : Crave Cupcakes
Crave Cupcakes on Urbanspoon
I also ordered some cakepops from Sweet T's Cakepops and Cupcakes. Just couldn't resist the cute-looking little thingy. Cakepops are homemade by Tanya; a nice lady who definitely had a passion for baking and probably one of the best cakepop-ers in town! Sold by the dozens, there's plenty of flavors to choose from, starting from $ 20/dozen. Everything can be personalized! Had the white and purple color cakepops; coconut cake dip in white chocolate for the whites and red velvet for the purple. While the red velvet is….red velvet, the coconut flavored cake with white chocolate was totally amazing! Never really had coconut cake before; hence was trying to be adventurous when I ordered it and was glad I made the right choice! Easy communication with Tanya via her facebook page. Check her out!
Website : Sweet T's Cakepops and Cupcakes

Since I wanted to hang out with some friends without the need to do much washing after the party, I ordered some finger food from Izumi.I had the sushi party tray (80 pieces) $ 60, which I thought would be just nice for that amount of people. Not the prettiest-looking tray but with a variety of rolls. Came with little containers of pickled sweet ginger and wasabi. The sushi was just okay, the consistency of the rice was not really good in my opinion and the rolls were a bit crude, and not well-compacted. Probably because they were trying to stuff more ingredients in each of the rolls. Also explains why instead of 'a' party tray, it became a big party tray and a smaller tray (because everything couldn't fit into one). Definitely can be improved! 
Party tray (regular rolls-80 pieces) $ 60

The second portion of the party tray…ummm...
I was dying to try out their Korean fried chicken or 'chi-mek' (chicken and beer) in Korea. Since probably they are the only restaurant in Toon-town that has them, it was totally worth trying. It didn't come cheap though; the original fried chicken was $21.95 while the sweet and spicy version was $ 22.95. Amount would be enough probably for 2-3 people. I ordered one each since we had like 8 people. Not sure about other fried chicken joints, but Korean fried chicken are fried twice; hence the crunchiness of it. It's usually eaten with pickled radish as sides. The sweet and spicy fried chicken was to-die-for. Eventhough it was not as crispy as the original ones (since it was sitting in a box for about an hour before that), the sauce coating the chicken was superbly tasty. None of us had these before but we totally agreed on this (another item to add to my must-eat-list in Korea). I'm pretty sure it would have tasted even better if you had it dine-in. I would definitely be back for more of their fried chicken!
Korean sweet and spicy fried chicken $ 22.95
Korean fried chicken $ 21.95
Address : Izumi Japanese and Korean Restaurant (only pick-up and dine-in)
Hors d'Oeuvre Quartet $ 12.99 (regular price)
Had some fancy little pastries from M&M Meat shops. Frozen pastries, easily baked and good for parties. Four different varieties in a box of 40 pieces; Roasted Red Pepper with Asiago Cheese Puffs, Mushroom and Leek Triangles, Caramelized Onion and Three Cheese Crescents, and Spinach with Feta Cheese Puff.

Overall, it was a nice little gathering; nothing fancy but we had a good time :) Cheers to myself for a great year ahead!