Thursday, 8 August 2013

Shrimp Wonton & Noodles @ East Fusion Food, Vancouver, BC

During our one week stay in Vancouver, we visited this restaurant twice, one as dine-in and another as take-out. This restaurant is located at the International Village Mall, facing West Pender St. We thought the food was pretty decent, price acceptable and location was really near to where we were staying. I had the shrimp dumpling soup while my mum ordered the shrimp wonton with dry noodles. Both the dumplings and wonton were really good ( Canadian/HK standard ). They were huge and generous on the shrimp fillings. Soup was pretty normal but it wasnt salty (or loaded with MSG as expected in Chinese food!). One thing that I can't get used to was the chow mein noodles. The noodles given were really dry, bland and tasteless. My advice would be to stick to the noodles soup. 

Shrimp dumpling
Shrimp wonton with dry noodles
We had take-out for one of the nights after our shopping day trip. We ordered the spicy diced chicken chow mein ($9.95). The portion was really huge ( for a Malaysian!) and luckily we only had one take-out to be shared between two of us. They were really generous with the diced chicken and plenty of vegetables as well. Noodles were good but would be better if it was spicier ( hardly spicy i felt) and if there were more sauce to it as certain area of the noodles were really dry.
Spicy diced chicken chow mein
Overall, good place to visit with lots of variety and decent prices.

Address : East Fusion Food, 1021-88 West Pender St, Vancouver BC V6B 2L1

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