Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hotdogs and Ice Cream @ Japadog, Robson St, Vancouver, BC

Before I came to Vancouver, I did some surfing on good eats in Vancouver and one that pop up was Japadog, a Western-Eastern fusion version of hotdogs on Robson St. This shop apparently originated from a Japanese couple who started their hotdog business on cart! As it is near UBC Robson Square, students appear to be their regular patrons. It gets pretty jam-packed during lunch hours. They have a variety of hotdogs with really colorful poster menus on the wall. Their juicy best-seller would be their Kurobuta pork sausage, from a rare breed of pigs called Berkshire. 
     We ordered an Okonomi combo set ( ala carte $6.25) which came with the Kurobuta pork sausage hotdog topped with dried fish flakes, shaked fries and a pop. You can choose the flavour for the fries and we chose their most popular flavor, butter and shoyu. It was all pretty unique, never before eaten by me. If you love pork, you would definitely love the Kurobuta pork sausage; it was juicy, huge and you can also choose your own toppings. I personally thought the sausage was abit 'porky' and needed lots of relish and mayo and mustard to reduce the 'raw pork' taste ( but its just my personal taste bud really..). The fries were really good ( my mum , yes my MUM , kept saying it was good ~! ). Normal-sized fries with a tinge of butter and shoyu ( Japanese soy sauce) to make it soo good and addictive. 

Okonomi combo set. This picture doesn't do justice to the food itself~!
Toppings abit messy as it was self-served
While eating, my mum spotted their ice-cream ! She was telling my how she regretted not trying the sesame ice cream while she was in Japan; so since I have never tasted one ( maybe I did but can't really remember @__@) , I bought a scoop of it ($1.89) which turned out to be super delicious ! The taste of sesame and milk was distinct! I could probably eaten more if I had not eaten the hotdog. Lols. They also have a couple other flavours e.g. green tea, strawberry, mango and vanilla.

Black Sesame ice cream

Address : Japadog, 530 Robson St
Website : Japadog

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