Sunday, 21 July 2013

Dumplings & Pancakes @ Jin Jin Cuisine Dumpling, Saskatoon, SK

I've heard of this place a couple of times and how good were their dumplings; so my roommate and I decided to give it a try. The shop is not attractive inside out and is ran by a Chinese couple who speaks Mandarin; but luckily there's English menu. We ordered pan-fried dumplings ($7) with cabbage and pork stuffings. They came in a plate of 15 bite-sized dumplings. I felt that it was pretty good compared to those I have eaten in Canada ( be it restaurants or commercial-packed). They were fresh, juicy and no 'porky' taste. It went well with the spicy chilli flakes and oil , soy sauce and vinegar :). The fried scallion pancakes ($2 for 4 pieces) were abit oily, taste wise acceptable but felt that I can make it myself at home.

     As our main, we ordered a plate of Fried Pork Vegetable Chow Mein ($9). Having bad experience with chow meins in Canada ( not even close to what I can get in Malaysia) , I had quite low expectations for it. Surprisingly, it came out pretty tasty ( not sure how much MSG is inside though!) but abit tad too oily.

     For dessert, we ordered a bowl of hot Tianjin-style red bean soup ($1) which tasted something like the usual red bean dessert but with a different type of beans. Overall, this place is worth coming for its dumplings. You can even buy frozen dumplings from them and bring home !

Address : 418, 20th Street West, Saskatoon, SK

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