Monday, 29 July 2013

5D4N Western Australia

Panda and I had this trip some time ago but I just thought that I should blog out our travel experience! At that time, it was between a flight to Taiwan or Perth but since the price were almost similar, we decided to visit Australia ! It was a totally memorable 5D4Ns trip as it was planned from the scratch ! I daresay I totally enjoyed the planning session which started like, 6 months before the real travel date ! :0 We touchdown at Perth Airport at the wee hours of the morning. Straight for a light snack and coffee ; as we had almost a 3-4 hours drive immediately to our first destination; Margaret River! 
Muffins and coffee at arrival hall
Booked a car through Redspot.
Our designated drive, Panda !! Look at our cute, new, (rented) car ! 
We pit-stopped at Mandurah, a lovely coastal town 72km south of Perth
Breakfast at Jesters Jaffle Pies, Mandurah
Sausage roll and pie ! Yummy and very homemade-style
Margaret River is about 277km south of Perth. This area is famous for its wine production and tourism. Upon reaching, we headed straight to Riverview Tourist Park at the resort town of Margaret River. This place is located in a green, secluded forest clearing just by Margaret River! There are cabins and caravan sites ( if you have a caravan/trailer, that is! ) to choose; all providing a safe and relaxing environment.
Riverview Tourist Park
Our Cabin with a side parking !
A short walk to the riverside
Margaret River! 
A simple dinner of roasted chicken and sides from Coles at our patio! 
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