Monday, 29 July 2013

5D4N Western Australia (Part 2)

Whale-watching at Dunsborough
All the while when we were in Margaret River, the weather was cloudy and slightly chilly since it was still late spring. Day 2 started with a 45 minutes drive to Dunsborough for whale watching with Naturaliste Charters ! We paid $80/person and the experience was totally worth it ! Advice : DO remember to bring a light jacket ( it was sooo cold at sea, silly me for not bringing one!) and travel pills (sea gets rough). We did not managed to get photos of the whales as it happened so fast and we were busy looking out for it instead !

Onboard 'Cetacean Explorer'. 
Looking-out for whales....
Brunch : Evviva

After a couple of hours, we drove to Dunsborough town for brunch ! Found a little cafe Evviva which served a variety of all-day breakfast items! Food was good and fresh ! Breakfast items were quite a 'thing' over here apparently. 

Bacon on toast
Big breakfast
Evviva Cafe on Urbanspoon
Attractions :
After our morning adventure, we drove back to Margaret River and explore the many wineries and attractions at the area! If you are a wine fanatic, you could probably stay here a couple of days and explore the beautiful estates. We only managed to visit a few but since we are not much of a wine drinker, we were fine with it. Bare in mind that the estates (with vineyards, yes) are mostly in secluded spots; so it is advisable to rent a car with a GPS. Thank to Tomtom ( our gps) our drives were so smooth.

Cape Lavender : From jams, soaps, salts, etc...all lavender-ish~
The Margaret River Chocolate Co. : A MUST if you are here ! A variety of chocolate bars, chocolate coated delights, hand made truffles, novelty chocolates, chocolate sauces and much more.
Oils, sauces, novelties....
Blinded by the variety of chocolate bars, truffles and everything chocolate !
Superb superb ! Honeycomb chocolate was awesome-ly good!
A satisfactory face :O
Look at the back shelves of chocolates !
Bettenay's Margaret River Nougat Company 
A random photo that came out so beautiful!
We saw sheeps and decided to stop our car and use the tripod ! Randomness ~ 
Knotting Hill Estate ( free wine tasting!) and bought a bottle of splendid dessert wine
Marvellous view of the grape vineyard
Dinner : Settlers Tavern
After a long day, we drove back to our cabin, took a shower and rest for a little bit before heading to Settlers Tavern for dinner. A local pub with nice ambience and good pub food. Definitely worth the visit !

Chicken Burger Royale ($18): House-crumbed free range chicken breast, tomato, red onion, lettuce, beetroot with chip guacamole and aioli
Fish & Chips ($19) : Lager battered WA spanish mackerel, chips, housemade tartare sauce
Nice pub at the heart of Margaret River
Settlers Tavern on Urbanspoon

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