Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bali Highlights (Part 1)

As Panda and I had been to Bali twice in the recent years, I thought it would be great if I can just share the highlights of our trips.

Tunes Hotel, Kuta 
Location : Central Kuta
Pros : Cheap, location, clean showers and toilets, fairly new facilities
Cons : Very basic with no hotel amenities, pay-per-use air conditioned, dark alley towards hotel (night!)    
Location : Ubud ( 2 hours by Taxi from Kuta) 
Pros : Serene hotel surrounded by rice fields, fair price, facilities e.g. outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, Balinese touch to rooms, balcony with views                                                    
Cons : Rooms are slightly dim (partially due to the Balinese architecture and design)

Room with balcony facing rice field and restaurant
Complimentary breakfast (ala-carte) : In-room or restaurant
Spicy fried rice with egg
Omelette with toast. Butter and jam provided.
Club Bali Mirage Resort
Location : Nusa Dua
Pros : Beach front, all-inclusive resort, well-appointed large rooms with balcony, beautiful outdoor pool
Cons : Price slightly high for average tourist but you can get good deals from hotel deals websites

Room service as Panda was not feeling well :(

Tunes Hotel, Legian
Location : Legian
Pros : Away from tourist crowd in Kuta, close to Seminyak where spas and upscale restaurants are, walking distance to Legian beach which is wayyy less crowded than Kuta beach
Cons : Basic amenities

freakZspeaks We preferred Tunes Hotel, Legian better compare to Kuta due to the location ( not so 'chap' and crowded like Kuta), very close to the beach and had many 'classier' spas. The more luxury Nusa Dua area (where Club Mirage is) would be for those who prefer to have their own private time at the beach.

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