Saturday, 26 April 2014

Brunch @ Stella's Kitchen & Bakery, Billings, Montana, US

We randomly spotted this place when we were in downtown Billings looking for brunch before we headed to Yellowstone. We knew we found the right place from the number of people inside considering it was a weekday :))
The do live up to their name:)
Impressive bakery at door front with dining area at the sides and back.

Extensive menu. Everything sounded good
Unknown to us, they were actually voted the best breakfast in Billings. However, since it was already lunch time, none of us felt like having anything 'breakfast-y'; though we actually had a hard time deciding what to have. I settled for the lunch special which was grilled chicken burger  ( must be good right since its a special ? ;P). We didn't know that the special also came with a complimentary dessert; one of their famous pies with ice cream as topping. I was soo full after the burger and fries ( because it was soo good ) that I didn't really get to enjoy the dessert. For $7.95, it was totally worth it!
Jen adding lots of sugar into her iced tea ! lols.
Lunch special : Grilled chicken burger with freshly cut fries and pickle ! Super good !
Fish and chips
Frisco melt and chips : Steak sandwich with grilled cheese and Frisco sauce

Complimentary dessert (rhubarb berry pie, I think) that came with the lunch special. 
We didn't wanna miss the opportunity to try one of their famous cream cinnamon roll. It was so good.
Overall, service was little bit slow; probably it was peak lunch time. Price-wise on a normal range while lunch special was totally worth it since it also came with the complimentary dessert in a generous portion. Loved the ambience and also the bakery section at the restaurant. This was also one of the better meals we had during our road trip to Yellowstone. We also bought one of their famous cinnamon roll to have for breakfast the next day. A little bit on the hard side but would definitely be good if you warm it up abit and served with butter ;P. Definitely a good place to try out if you are in Billings !

Address : 2525 1st Avenue North Billings, MT 

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