Saturday, 24 May 2014

Vancouver Highlights (Part 3) @ Bard On The Beach Shakespeare Festival

My family and I are generally theatre fans, particularly my mum and sis. They have been to quite a number in London, UK and I myself have experienced the longest running play in London when I was there 5 years ago! Summer in Vancouver gave us the opportunity to attend Bard On The Beach, which is Western Canada's largest professional Shakespeare festival (runs from June-Sept). In fact, I have been to the Shakespeare on Saskatchewan in Saskatoon in previous summer and loved it so much! So, we were there for Twelfth Night. I can't exactly remember how much was the tickets but I think its about $35 for matinees. Anyways, its located at Vanier Park and honestly, its not that easy to find the place. Even the cab driver had difficulty finding us after the play was finished. We took a cab directly from Waterfront Station; since there's no direct access for public transit. 
Mum knows practically all the Shakespeare plays! (Well..I do know them roughly too ;p
The MUST-POSE-WITH-TICKETS look. After 5 years still posing the same @__@
No cameras allowed once the play starts so, no photos:) Place was almost full regardless of seatings. People in Vancouver do know how to enjoy ;P. The play was close to 3 hours including intermission. Lots of portable toilets (brilliant idea, so that you don't have to wait like crazy in a long line) in case you need to go. Play was awesome (with superb leads) and lots of naked butts scenes. Lols. After the play, we walked around the grounds by the river since it was a nice sunny afternoon. More snapshots of Vancouver! (I'm loving it!) We left the place by calling a cab as well which was a little bit of a hassle because the driver couldn't find the place. So we ended up having to wait for quite a while ( but it was fine, since it was a beautiful day:).

I will definitely be back if given the chance. This year's play will be Midsummers Night Dream and Tempest. There's always a tragedy and comedy play for you to choose from. Check out their website for more info.

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  2. Thanks ! You should definitely explore Canada if you have the chance. Its a beautiful country. Feel free to let me know if you need help with itinerary planning etc. :)