Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Awesome lunch deals @ Miramar Chinese Restaurant, Saskatoon

I called it awesome because to get a proper, freshly cooked Chinese meal with a complimentary soup / drink for $7.50 in Toon-town is definitely a catch! Even better than those Chinese kiosk in malls or the usual take-outs. Only recently (I believe early this year) that the restaurant had a change of ownership and do not serve dim sum anymore. What they have is the $7.50 lunch deal which comes with a main of your choice (about 30-ish choices) and a complimentary wan ton soup / coffee / milk tea. To spice up their menu, they also offer BBQ / braised duck with rice (roasted duck is not the usual cheap thing around), probably one of customers' favourite. 
Clockwise from top L: General Tao chicken with rice, milk tea, wan ton soup, shrimp and egg with rice
L: House special fried rice, R: Spicy minced meat and cucumber with noodles (jajangmyeon)
Loved the simple surrounding and easy parking at Market Mall. I dined here twice for lunch. So far, whatever we tried were pretty good. Not too greasy, tasty (not particularly salty), with generous portion of the ingredients. Big eaters can consider their noodles / fried rice mains as the portion is huge. I like how they included the complimentary soup (mediocre) or the coffee / milk tea with the meal. The milk tea (something quite common among Asians) tasted rich though it was just a small cup. Patrons are probably regular customers or those staying nearby looking for a cheap-good-eat for lunch. Menu comes with pictures to help you decide :) If you don't find anything you like (shouldn't be happening considering the options available ;p), they also have the usual Chinese menu. Whether meals are loaded with MSG, I'm not sure, although I'm pretty sure it's part of every Chinese dish (at least I don't feel the undeserved amount of thirst after my meal)
Lunch menu
Address: 2325 Preston Ave S Saskatoon, SK 
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