Sunday, 27 July 2014

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa @ Moose Jaw, SK

This post is long overdue ( as I was not planning to write a post on it initially but since I'm soo not in the mood of writing my thesis..*haha). So, Moose Jaw is a city in south-central Saskatchewan, about 3 hours drive from Saskatoon. This little town is famous for its historical tunnels and also houses Western Canada's most luxurious spa resort, Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort. Of course, its not exactly comparable to jjimjilbang (bathhouses in Korea) that has way more facilities but without the 'mineral' component in the water or even Taiwan's famous mineral springs and spas; but there are not really many options here in Western Canada. In my opinion, this place is best visited at late winter (where temperature ranges between -10 to 10 degrees celcius) although of course its open year round. The water is really quite hot so, imagine soaking in it in summer (grill lobster look lols). Some pictures to share with you; not the best of quality as we had to wade the pool with our phones in plastic bags and taking the risk of the phone falling into the pool. 

Spotted : Malaysian flag
Brilliant idea of soaking in warm water and enjoying the cold weather. 

The steam (hot and cold condensation) just made it more fun!

Camwhoring by the pool with eating buddy, Bambi
For those who can't swim, dont fret. Its pretty shallow and you can stand on your feet. There's an outdoor and indoor pool. It was more fun being at the outdoor pool but I also think the water felt warmer. The outdoor pool is also way smaller but a perfect location to be with buddies, partners etc and to spend great time chatting while soaking in the pool (although I just realised I didn't take any pictures on the indoor pool ;p)

Fun place to be on a long weekend. Easy drive, easy parking and affordable entrance fee. Do check out their website for more !

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