Tuesday, 1 July 2014

25% savings with Just-Eat @ New Red Lantern, Saskatoon, SK

It's Canada Day !! (And I'm working on my stuff in the lab @__@). Loving the 25% summer savings by Just-Eat and sort of got addicted to the convenience of it (lols). The biggest joke was however, my order was meant for pick-up (being a cheapskate to save on the delivery fee ;p) but the delivery guy called me to say he's at my front door 30 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Seriously….they should start looking at the order receipt more clearly.
Singapore rice noodle (with curry sauce)
New Red Lantern restaurant on Alexandra Avenue has quite a selection of Szechuan and the usual Canadian Chinese dishes and boasts (on their pamphlet) MSG-free dishes. I had the Singapore rice noodle, which was basically the only dish that I'm satisfied with. Large portion, fresh shrimp and quite tasty noodles (not too salty or bland). 
Spicy Peking Palace Chicken (Hot…NOT @__@)

Spicy Peking Palace Chicken sounded good, which turned out to be a major mistake! In the order, you are given a choice of mild, medium or hot level of spiciness. Of course, being a typical Malaysian, I selected HOT. First the dish itself, basically it's like stir-fried chicken with black beans and vegetables with a tinge of spiciness. What happen to my HOT ? Two possible explanation; that they didn't see my request for HOT (even though you are supposed to select either mild, medium, or hot when you order) or they are totally confused with spiciness levels ( do you need my help to define these levels ?). Anyways, this dish is not as special as the name implies and I daresay that any other spicy chicken dishes or sweet and sour will be better off.
Hot and sour soup

I've never really tasted Hot and Sour soup; supposedly its Szechuan-style soup. Tasted ok; again not too salty (perhaps, they really didn't use MSG :)) Thickened broth with shrimp, peas, egg, tofu, mushroom and some char-siew (BBQ pork meat). Pretty good combination but would have preferred it to be spicy ( like Thai tom yam soup). 

Overall, food was just ok and price quite standard, although I felt Canadian Chinese food really do not fit my taste bud but it's fine once in a while. Enjoy the summer savings by Just-Eat!

Address : 1702 Alexandra Ave #2 Saskatoon, SK 

Website : New Red Lantern Inn

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