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Something Korean @ Izumi Japanese & Korean Restaurant, Saskatoon, SK

I just recently found out that Izumi (previous post) is now a fusion Japanese and Korean restaurant (I heard that now it is owned by Koreans). Super excited because this means more Korean food in Saskatoon! Interior remains the same but menu has changed with the additional of Korean cuisine. As much as reviewers like, Japanese cuisine is still there but probably you should try what new Korean dishes that they have to offer? Just a note; Japanese and Korean cuisine are ENTIRELY different if you're wondering.
More hot Korean waiters? ;P
I also heard they will be having a new menu; hopefully soon. Why did they cut of the Pork bone soup ??? 
There…Japanese stuff are still there if you're wondering
The Korean cuisine menu is not of many varieties as the Japanese's but maybe they are trying out the market? Just my theory…Anyways, after loving so much the Sundubu Jigae (spicy soft tofu soup) at Seoul Korean Restaurant (previous post), I just had to try the one here to do the comparison. So, the usual Banchan (side dishes) were served alongside the main dishes. The usual kimchi (Korean fermented Napa cabbage) was there in a wee bit amount (considering there's two of us) and cold Korean pancake (I think!). Nothing exciting; will the side dishes differ daily and are they refillable? I'm not entirely sure because they were kind of a disappointment to me; probably because they know people here will not really know how to appreciate them? Again, my theory ;P.
Banchan (side dishes) : Kimchi and Korean pancake
So, sundubu jigae (spicy soft tofu stew) is a hot and spicy stew made of soft tofu, seafood, mushroom, onions, kelp and gochujang (Korean chilli pepper paste). You can adjust the level of spiciness but I like it super spicy! It's usually served with rice and best eaten when it's still pipping hot. The stew here is yummy with lots of soft tofu. Unfortunately, I thought the seafood were abit on the miserable side. The seafood pieces were quite small, that I wasn't really sure what exactly I was eating (i knew there were some pieces of squid and shrimp but thats it, if there's anything else its beyond recognition). Considering that it charges more than Seoul Korean Restaurant, I would have expected it to be more generous instead of having only lots of soft tofu. Otherwise, I loved this jigae alot :) My friend had the Korean traditional stir-fried pork, another highly popular Korean BBQ dish. The pork is (I believe) marinated with gochujang to give it a tinge of spiciness. This dish however was sweetish (not to our liking), which reminded me of the Japanese version of teriyaki meat. Dish is served with rice; however, it was little bit cold when it was served, so kinda spoilt the dish itself. Quick check in the restaurant's website showed the dish was supposedly served on a grill plate (sizzling?) but the one my friend had was not. Unless you like your dish sweet, I would recommend you to take something else. 
Sundubu jigae (spicy soft tofu seafood stew)
Korean traditional stir-fried pork

So, will I be back ? Most definitely! (Can't exactly be judgy over a place just because what we ordered were not the best in the world @__@). I am most tempted to try out their special Korean chicken and beer (chi-mek) #willtryoutallthechimekSeoulhastoofferwhenIvisitKorea; too bad its only for dine-in.. of course, I think there's also just the Korean sweet and spicy chicken ala-carte which most likely can be ordered for take-out. The table behind us had that and it looked sooo good; too bad I'm already stuffed with all the soft tofu!lols. Overall, service and ambience was good, food was ok and price was a little bit on the high side for certain dishes. If anyone's up for chi-mek, count me in!
Makan (eating) side-kick, Bambi
Address :3010 Arlington Avenue Saskatoon, SK 
Website : Izumi Japanese and Korean Restaurant
Opening hours : Mon-Sat 11.00am-9.00pm
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