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Go For Sushi on 8th Street, Saskatoon

Its been a month since my last post, sorry for being MIA ! Its the new term, so busy organizing my schedules, labs and seminars ( so that I can graduate in a timely manner ? ;P). For those who have been in Canada ( not sure of other provinces though) , Japanese buffet is quite a thing. For a small town like Saskatoon, we have a considerable amount of Japanese buffet restaurants to choose from. To celebrate the end of last term ( and Xmas hols!), a couple of us had a crazy time shopping ( and it was not even Boxing day !) and finally settled for Japanese buffet ( since we were so hungry we could probably eat a cow !). I have been here once previously but due to lack of photos, I did not post a blog on it. So here am I again. What put this restaurant above the rest of the buffet restaurants is that it has a buffet session which comprised of Asian ( mainly Chinese) dishes, a salad and dessert bar as well; while other places is solely Japanese. So, this place is good for those who wants a mixture of cuisines ( or if you are with a friend who does not really like Jap food)
I think this restaurant has one of the best ambience ; comparative to the rest!
What I had from the buffet spread. Tempuras, fried fish and chicken fillet, spring rolls and Chinese bun,  stir-fry noodles, red bean paste balls etc
Deep fried scallops, crab meat, fish fillet and chicken and some siu mai ( pork dim sum)
My friend's plate ! It was her first time here and she was soo hungry that she just piled up her plate at the first sight of food. Lols !
Buffet spread ( mainly Chinese dishes) : Overall, food was ok. They had quite a good variety dishes which includes stir-fry noodles, fried rice, spring rolls, dim sum, crab legs, wan ton soup, fried items, sweet and sour meat, Chinese buns etc. It may not have the best taste but for the price you pay, you do get a good amount of selection!

Menu : Japanese food. Browse and checked the items and quantity you want and pass it to the waitress. 
Sushi rolls. I dont remember what we had though , sorry ! It was good and acceptable.
Green dragon : Cucumber, tempura shrimp wrapped with avocado and eel sauce. One of my fav!  
Grilled meat. Just ok.
Well-grilled Japanese fish but tasted weird, according to my friend
Never go wrong with shrimp tempura ! I had this twice !
A variety of sushi. Loved all of these !
Never ever miss the specialty rolls. They are awesome!
Sashimi-based sushi, usually the most expensive items on a Japanese menu. Eat as much as you want !
Japanese menu : Overall, a great variety to select from. If you have more friends with you, the better ( four would be the best) , so that you can order, share the items and eat more instead of chowing down the same thing.
Tips : Do not miss the specialty rolls, sashimi and tempura. The ingredient combination is really good and depending what you like, I'm sure you will find one that fits your taste bud ( usual price of specialty rolls in a Japanese restaurant ranges from $ 10-14). Sashimi is fresh and tasted good as well, so be smart and order those that will be worth it for the price you pay). We paid about $ 26-ish / person ( excluding tips) for a dinner buffet. Apparently, lunch buffet had almost the same menu ( probably minus the sashimi) at a cheaper price ( I think it is between $ 14-16); so some said its more worth it. 

Dessert. Picture doesn't do justice to it but we were pretty full to really enjoy them anyways. Mango pudding (bottom right) was really good. Yellow and black jelly were Konyaku ( I think!). Cakes tasted like from pre-mixes you get from the supermarket; so you will not miss much if you skip these!

Address : Go For Sushi, 2105 8th Street E, SaskatoonSK S7H5N9 
Website : Go For Sushi 
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