Friday, 16 August 2013

Malaysian food @ Aberdeen Centre, Richmond BC

As I did not ask anyone or deliberately search for Malaysian food, I didn't expect to get any of it during my BC trip. Suprisingly, of all places, found this stall (yayy!) at the food court in Aberdeen Centre, Richmond. Aberdeen Centre is located within the Golden Triangle of Richmond which basically consists of 3 major Asian shopping malls; Aberdeen Centre, President Plaza and Yaohan Centre.  They have quite a variety of Malaysian/Singaporean food so I'm sure they are form either of these place. Anyways, the Singapore Laksa (craving like since ..forever) attracted me while my mum was so tempted to try the Hainanese Chicken Rice. 
     Singapore laksa ( or seafood laksa) came in a super huge bowl comprising of rice noodles, yellow noodles (hardly can be found in Canada I think) , lots of bean sprouts, fishballs and tau foo pok ( bean curd). Soup was super good and spicy eventhough it looked so watery and though it did not have 'si-ham' (cockles), they managed to maintain the taste ( MSG or ready made paste or freshly made ? not sure ;P). Still, it was really good but did not manage to finish the whole bowl :(

Singapore (seafood) laksa ( spicy curry coconut milk)
The chicken rice was really good too (for Canadian standard) and since this can hardly be found over here. So, they were pretty smart to be selling this as apparently, it is the best seller among the Asians over here in Aberdeen Centre. The rice had good consistency, garlic and gingery taste, chilli was really good (according to my mum) and chicken was generous and fresh. So good !
Hainanese Chicken Rice with Soup
Overall, price was acceptable for food court standard ( cheaper than eating in restaurants) and I loved it! If I had these two dishes in Saskatoon, its good enough! LOLs

Address : Cafe D'Lite Express, Food Court Aberdeen Centre, Richmond BC

Cafe D'Lite Express 椰樹林 on Urbanspoon

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