Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Chow Mein & Won Ton soup @ Jade Dynasty Restaurant, Vancouver

One of our mission in Vancouver was to try out as many Chinese dishes as possible ( eventhough we are Malaysian Chinese, dishes cooked might be different !). Many of the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown are not really inviting to be honest, mostly boasted same type of items on the menus. We had our dinner at Jade Dynasty during our stay as it had the most attractive restaurant front on the streets of Chinatown. We had their fried spring roll and won ton soup as appetizers. 
     Fried spring rolls ( house special ) was freshly fried but tad bit oily came in twos and apparently quite a famous item among patrons. Taste and ingredients were pretty good especially with the dipping sauce. The pork won ton soup came in a bowl of soup ( slightly herbal-ish) and with some vegetables. The won ton I thought was slightly on the crude side ( huge like a dumpling ?) but the pork meat inside was acceptable ( if you like big chunks of meat). While my mum was not in favor of the soup, I thought it was pretty good. 
Pork Won Ton Soup 
House Special Fried Spring Rolls
We ordered the house special seafood chow mein ( many table ordered this as well). They were pretty generous with the prawns and squids. However, the noodles seemed to have a burn taste ( probably from the wok-frying) and the sauce being quite bland that we ended up using lots of soy sauce. 

House special seafood chow mien
Jade Dynasty on E Pender St
Overall, the restaurant may not be the best but location and price-wise, its acceptable. We many have not ordered their best item to suit our taste buds but they have quite an extensive menu so you  might find something you like :)

Address : Jade Dynasty Restaurant, Pender St E, Vancouver BC, V6A 1T6

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